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Kinds of Complications If Smallpox Not Soon Treated

People say if the disease Smallpox, is a disease that can happen to anyone, and the unique of this disease is the belief of the community who mentions if everyone would have experienced smallpox at least once in his life.

Smallpox is also called a contagious disease. How not, the spread is very fast and easy. Chickenpox can have a serious impact if it occurs in infants, children and adults who have not been vaccinated, as well as people who have a low immune system. Therefore, smallpox should not only be regarded as a mild disease.

However the handling of smallpox should still be done. Therefore, if smallpox does not get immediate treatment, the impact will be more dangerous. Smallpox can ultimately lead to several complications including:

1. Herpes zoster.

Both chickenpox and herpes zoster, both caused by the same virus, namely Varicella zoster. Once a person is infected with chicken pox, the virus is not completely knocked out of the body. In contrast, varicella will “fall asleep” in the body for years. If in the future your body’s immune decreases again, the chickenpox virus that was previously dead is likely to revive and cause herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is characterized by red spots typical of chicken pox that extends in certain body parts. Generally, herpes zoster infects people over the age of 50 years.

2. Respiratory complications.

The chicken pox disease that is left inflamed without proper treatment, can cause viral pneumonia. This is because the smallpox virus can enter the bloodstream and then infect the lungs. Viral pneumonia is the leading cause of death in adults associated with chickenpox complications.

3. Bacterial infections.

Chickenpox that is not completely cured can cause aftershock bacterial infection. These secondary infections are usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. Both are the types of bacteria that can cause impetigo or cellulitis.

Both of these bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. But there is still a risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream, thus causing a condition called Bakterimia. Bacteremia can cause pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, and death.

4. Complications of the nervous system.

More serious chicken pox complications can cause Ataxia. Ataxia invades the brain’s nervous system causing fever, difficulty walking, and speech impairment. Symptoms can last for weeks, but usually will heal by itself.

5. Liver complications.

Other complications of chickenpox disease that are completely treated are liver inflammation or hepatitis. This condition usually does not cause symptoms and will improve on its own. However, in some cases complications can lead to Reye’s syndrome. This condition is potentially life-threatening, especially given aspirin during virus infections. For that, avoid giving aspirin to chicken pox.

Other complications that can occur in patients Chickenpox who do not get handled properly and thoroughly, is Varicella meningoencephallitis. This condition can cause a sudden decrease in vigilance, headache, seizures, light sensitivity, and neck pain. This condition tends to affect people whose immune systems are disrupted, including people infected with HIV.

Exit This Sound from the Body? Beware of Health Problems

Have we noticed if the body makes a certain sound? Some of them do not need to worry about, but you need to be vigilant if accompanied by other sensations because the possibility is a sign of a problem in the body

Health expert, Dr. Natalie Azam advises us to be wary of sounds coming out of several body parts as follows:

Belching is a sign of air release from the abdomen that actually happens. However, it would be nice if you do not underestimate the burp that is accompanied by a burning sensation, as this may indicate an inflammation of the stomach triggered by a bacterial infection that triggers a peptic ulcer problem.

A rumbling stomach
The roar that seems to come from inside the stomach is the sound of air and fluid that is moved by the muscles through the digestive tract. If the stomach rumbles when the stomach is empty, it means your digestion is sweeping away the leftovers.

However, if you also feel severe pain, cramps, or shortness of breath along with the rumbling of the stomach, or if you find blood in the dirt, then you should see a doctor to check.

Although this is a face, there are some cases of hiccups that are quite severe and can not be underestimated. Health experts say that if the hiccups last more than 48 hours, then this may indicate a nerve disorder.

Sounds creaking in the joints
Pressure in the joints can indeed make the gas arise in the joints and cause crunching sounds. Only, if this sound is also accompanied by pain, then you should immediately see a doctor.

Ringing ears
The condition of the ringing ears in the medical world is called tinnitus. Although this is normal, but if this condition occurs orange more than 2 days and accompanied by pain or vertigo that makes the head feel very dizzy, then there could be damage or abnormalities in the ear that should be immediately checked to the doctor.

Well, that’s a few sounds coming out of the body that need to be watched. Immediately consult a doctor if you feel any abnormalities in your body. May be useful.

Sports To Burn Calories

If you are in a weight loss program, and need the type of exercise that will burn more calories would definitely be the running sport of choice. However, there are several other types of sports that actually have more benefits in burning calories, rather than exercising a run.

– Cycling.

Cycling helps burn many calories within 1 hour. With cycling is also useful to form the leg muscles, thighs, and knees.

– Bike Sprints.

Bike sprints done within 1 minute, able to burn dozens of calories. So you can imagine if you do it in more time, then of course hundreds of calories successfully burned.

– Cross-Fit.

Cross-Fit is a very intense kind of sport. Not only concentrate on muscle, but by doing cross-fit also be the best exercise to lose weight.

– Burpees.

Did you know if doing burpees for 1 minute can burn calories as much as 14 calories? So it is not surprising that the burpees are considered as the best sport to burn fat that can be done alone at home.

– Kettle Bell.

Kettle Bell is the type of exercise it will burn about 20 calories per minute. And because Kettle Bell can burn many calories in a short time, then you do not have to spend much time doing it.

– Cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing is a fat-burning sport that is more effective than running.

– Indoor rowing.

Indoor rowing helps to burn about 375 calories in half an hour. Indoor rowing also helps in tightening the arm muscles and shoulder muscles.

– Battling ropes.

Battling ropes include a type of exercise that can improve the oxygen supply in the body and burn more calories at the same time.

– Jump squats.

By doing jump squats for less than half a minute can burn 14 calories. So if you are tired of doing burpees, you can do other sports variations with jump squats.

– Jumping rope.

If done intense, jumping ropes have a dramatic impact on your body that is a significant weight loss.

Thus Various Sports To Burn Calories, may be useful. Regards!

Is Safe Toddlers Who Like to Eat Spicy Food?

Most toddlers, including ‘adventurers’ who love to feel the diverse flavors of food. They will explore all types of food for them to taste, including foods that have a spicy taste. In fact, there are some of them who love it. This is only natural, because the food makes the food more flavorful, and increase appetite.

However, doubts may be experienced by parents. Is spicy food safe for the baby? Then should be how spicy food for your baby?

Actually, it is the thing that parents should do to give children spicy food (not too much, in very little amount) to introduce it to foods with spicy flavor. There is no standard rule when your child is safe to eat spicy food. However, at the safest age is when they are 2 years old. This is because at that age, the small digestive system is well developed so that the digestive system is quite ready to digest various types of foods, including spicy foods.

When spicy feeding should also not be of origin, spicy food must be considered in quality, quantity, frequency and how the reaction of the child. Avoid spicy feeding more bering for the little one, give a very small portion first and not to give it a very spicy food to make their mouth red.

Smaller reactions will also vary after eating spicy foods. If then they show a reaction to dislike and become more fussy, you do not need to force. However, if the little one shows a sense of love, limit the amount so that he does not consume it excessively. Because this can make it depend on the spicy later on, and cause irritation in the digestive tract. Starting from diarrhea to mag which of course can be annoying.

Spicy foods for the baby should also be made with spices. In addition it will lbih good if the food consumed also contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fat.

Children at the age of toddlers may eat spicy foods, as long as you as a parent do not miss the quality, quantity, and frequency of giving.

Besides Guava Juice It’s Natural Fluids For Dengue Fever Sufferers

Most people who suffer from Dengue Fever often use guava juice to recover the healing process. But consume in large quantities. But not only guava juice alone, there are also other fluids that can help overcome dengue fever patients.

Natural Liquid For Dengue Fever Sufferer
Guava juice

Natural fluids for DHF patients are guava juice. Because guava has a good vitamin C content for the body that can boost the immune system. In addition, the potassium content in guava is also useful to make blood pressure for the better.

Fruit juice

Not only guava juice alone can be consumed by patients with dbd, consumption also fruit juice laibnnya to meet the needs of body fluids. Because the Dengue Feversufferers lack fluid. Fruit juice that can be consumed to meet the needs of body fluids are orange juice, papaya juice, mango juice and more.

Coconut water

Coconut water has a potassium, sodium, magnesium and chloride content that is good for the health of the body and is useful to overcome the condition of the lack of fluids including patients with fluid deficiency DBD.


Reed is a nutritious medicinal plant that can reduce heat because this plant has antipyretic properties, shed urine, stop bleeding and eliminate thirst.

How to treat alang-alang for patient Dengue Fevernamely:

Provide 1 roll of reed roots
Wash it first
Boil with 3 cups water to boil until the remaining 1 cup only.
Add lime juice
But for the kids can add a little sweetener.
Leaves of gods

Plants of gods that can be used as a medicine is the leaves. Leaves of gods have many chemical contents such as asiri oil, saponins, flavonoids and tannins. With the content of these substances leaves the gods have benefits as anticoagulant (melting blood clot), remove heat, cleanse toxins and stop the bleeding.

Benefits of Lycopene For Our Body Health

Maybe you’ve heard of Lycopene? Yep, Lycopene is usually found in beauty products because women are one of the benefits both for beauty and skin health.

However, the benefits of Lycopene do not stop there alone. Lycopene which is a compound also important nutrients needed by the body has a lot of Vitamin and Antioxidant content. This content is very healthy and able to help prevent from various types of diseases, maintain beauty and skin health also maintain our body health. In addition, Lycopene also has a positive effect on hair strength and moisture.

Lycopene most can be obtained from Tomatoes. The red color of the Tomato, the more Lycopene content in it. Well, according to articles that have been published from the page stylecraze, some other benefits of Lycopene that can be obtained among others:

Lycopene is not only able to counteract free radical substances and keep skin healthy, but also able to maintain bone density to avoid bone loss disease such as osteoporosis.

Prevent heart disease.
Lycopene can help lower cholesterol levels in the body because of its strong function as an antioxidant. If you eat tomato juice once a day, it will be able to keep you from heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and artery blockage.

Prevent neurological disorders.
Another benefit of Lycopene is to prevent brain neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and vascular dementia. This is probably because lycopene also functions as an antioxidant that can repair damaged cells, smooth blood circulation and cleanse the brain nerve from the bad effects of oxidation.

Macular degeneration.
It is very clear that Lycopene is also able to repair and prevent the macular degeneration that strikes on the eye. This is because Lycopene is also an eye disease drug that has retinol or vitamin A.

Fix infertility in men.
Who would have thought if Lycopene also has benefits in helping improve fertility in men. In a study to prove if there is a close connection that consume a lot of Lycopene with healthy sperm production. Simply regular consumption of foods rich in Lycopene to increase fertility.

4 Important Things To Maintain Mental Health

We should already know if mental health is as important as physical health. When mental health is impaired, then the impact also occurs on the overall health of the body. Depression and stress are examples of mental health disorders are vulnerable in every age. Unfortunately, this may not be of particular concern to some people.

There are many ways you can do to keep your mental health well and controlled. Like the four important things below, as quoted from page, if the following four important keys can help mental health remain stable.

Among the four important things, namely:

Exercise is not only beneficial to keep your body in shape. But exercising done even though only 30 minutes just can help to improve mental health and make the brain so fresh again.

No matter how busy your daily routine is, make time to meditate at least 10 minutes each day. Meditation is known to help to improve mental health as well as to sharpen memory.

Sleep well.
Sleep is beneficial to support physical health, as well as our mental health. If we can sleep soundly, the benefits will have a positive impact on the health of mind power and memory. Adults are advised to sleep at least 7 hours per day.

Eat chocolate.
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has a natural content of flavanoids, caffeine, and theobromine in it that helps improve mental health. Eat a piece of dark chocolate every day to support your mental health.

Compared Sugar Natural Sweetener It’s Healthier

Sugar is a sweetener that is often used to increase the pleasure, both on food or sweet drinks. However, excessive use of sugar can have an impact on the body, one of which can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Sugar may not be kept away from everyday life. However, to run a healthy lifestyle, replacing sugar with other natural sweeteners is a good first step. You can try this habit to support your healthy diet program.

Here are some natural sugar substitute ingredients that are believed to be healthier you can use:

  • Coconut sugar
    This sugar offers more vitamins and minerals. Consumption of coconut sugar is able to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals, thanks to the content of vitamin C, potassium, osfor, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, and zinc.
  • Sugar dates
    Sugar dates have vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and others. In addition, palm sugar also contains protein, fiber, and carbohydrates that make you feel full longer.
  • Honey
    In addition to fructose and glucose, honey also contains small amounts of amino acids, enzymes, B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. Honey can help kill germs and heal minor injuries and burns.
  • Maple syrup
    Compared with refined sugar, maple syrup offers a good substance for the body. The content of antioxidants and important minerals, such as manganese and zinc in it are able to benefit health.