Herbal Kinkit Honey Drink To Overcome vaginal discharge

vaginal discharge includes a natural process in the female body, to help clean the female organs. But unfortunately, vaginal discharge can also appear excessively, and a sign if in the body to face health problems, especially in the reproduction.

Well, to overcome the whiteness that is considered as “abnormal vaginal discharge”, as quoted from the page vemale.com, herbal drinks from a blend of natural ingredients of turmeric with honey can be used as a solution to overcome them.

Turmeric, is a natural ingredient that we do not need to doubt its usefulness as one of traditional medicine ingredients, including in this case is disease vaginal discharge.

You can take advantage of turmeric by mixing honey in it, to make herbal drinks to overcome leucorrhoea. The necessary ingredients are enough 2 rimpang turmeric that has been smoothed (previously shredded), 2 tablespoons of honey and one glass of water.

How to make: Boil water to boil, turmeric input that has been refined until it is cooked. Anfkat and strain to pour into a glass. Then, before drinking honey mengebut. Mix well, and drink while warm regularly before going to bed at night.

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