Recommended Food Choices For Leprosy Patients

Leprosy, caused by Mycrobacterium leprae bacteria that attack the body. This disease causes skin injuries and severe nerve damage to paralysis in the area of ​​the skin around the body, arms and legs also.

Similar to other diseases, leprosy patients should also pay attention to the intake of food consumed. And some of the following foods are very good if consumed by leprosy patients. Anything? Here it is.

  1. Food groups containing high Vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed here because it is useful in maintaining vision, body growth, immune function and reproductive health. Adequate intake of Vitamin A can also prevent hair loss problems, as a result of leprosy complications. In addition, the skin condition will be maintained and not susceptible to infection. Types of recommended foods are beef liver, Spinach, Broccoli, Mango, Carrot, Egg, Salmon, Tuna, Watermelon, Orange, and Guava.
  2. In addition to Vitamin A, Vitamin D and calcium are also needed by people with leprosy because the benefits of functioning for bone health and also strengthen the immune system. For people with leprosy, eating foods that contain both vitamins can help increase muscle strength weakened. Of course it should also be accompanied by treatment from a doctor. Types of food recommendations sources Vitamin D diantarnya Cheese, Sardines, Oatmeal, Cereals, Egg yolks, and Soybeans.
  3. Food sources of natural content Vitamin B is good for the skin, health of the nervous system, and helps the production of red blood cells. Examples of such foods are Almonds, Asparagus, Chicken, Peanuts, Banana, Potatoes, Avocados, Mushrooms, and Meat.
  4. Then food sources of natural content Vitamin C is useful for forming collagen, protect cells from free radicals because many contain antioxidants to repair and care for cartilage, teeth, and bones. Types of foods Natural sources of Vitamin C are Strawberries, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Kiwis, and Oranges.
    Oyster, Lobster, Cheese, Cashew, and Oatmeal foods are natural foods that contain Zinc plays an important role in maintaining the body’s immune system, wound healing, and good for fetal development.
  5. Foods with Vitamin E content for the body works for healthy skin and hair, and good for eye health. All foods containing skin benefits are good for leprosy patients, including foods containing Vitamin E. Examples of foods that can be consumed are Sweet Potatoes, Sea Scallops, Broccoli, Spinach, Almonds, and Avocados. Type of food contains high Vitamin E.

Why do lepers have to be wise in choosing their food?
The reason is, if leprosy is not treated completely the disease can cause various complications, including permanent nerve damage to the arms and legs, hair loss, muscle weakness, to kidney failure. Therefore it is very important to maintain leprosy patients condition so as not to lead to more serious complications. In addition to drug use, dietary factors also contribute in the healing process of leprosy.

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