Is it Really Drinking Milk Can Clean Lungs?

We recognize the benefits of drinking milk as one way to strengthen bones, as well as meet the calcium needs the body needs, especially children in its infancy.

But in addition, there are assumptions that circulate in the community if consuming milk can make the lungs and respiratory tract more healthy and clean. In the belief is believed if after drinking milk, it will make mucus in the respiratory tract that helps clean it by mechanism as we cough sick. Is that true?

This is confirmed by health experts who say if the milk is included in a good drink to be consumed on a regular basis, due to the benefits and nutrients that we can get from this drink. As one example is milk rich in calcium content is good for healthy bones and teeth. However, for the assumption that milk can clean the lungs or respiratory tract, this is not true.

If we really want to maintain the health of the respiratory tract and lungs, the right and proper way is to avoid cigarette smoke which means it should not be an active smoker or passive smoker.

From what we know, cigarette smoke is bad for health not only for the lungs, but also the heart, kidneys, brain, and other important organs. In addition, it’s good we also as well as possible to prevent bad exposure from air pollution is quite a lot if we are out of the house. Another way that we can do to maintain the health of the lungs and respiratory organs is to start exercising regularly and applying a healthy lifestyle.

Until now there has been no research that supports the fact that by drinking milk will make the lungs become cleaner. It just does not mean then we are lazy to drink milk. This drink can provide many benefits for our body health.

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