Kinds of Complications If Smallpox Not Soon Treated

People say if the disease Smallpox, is a disease that can happen to anyone, and the unique of this disease is the belief of the community who mentions if everyone would have experienced smallpox at least once in his life.

Smallpox is also called a contagious disease. How not, the spread is very fast and easy. Chickenpox can have a serious impact if it occurs in infants, children and adults who have not been vaccinated, as well as people who have a low immune system. Therefore, smallpox should not only be regarded as a mild disease.

However the handling of smallpox should still be done. Therefore, if smallpox does not get immediate treatment, the impact will be more dangerous. Smallpox can ultimately lead to several complications including:

1. Herpes zoster.

Both chickenpox and herpes zoster, both caused by the same virus, namely Varicella zoster. Once a person is infected with chicken pox, the virus is not completely knocked out of the body. In contrast, varicella will “fall asleep” in the body for years. If in the future your body’s immune decreases again, the chickenpox virus that was previously dead is likely to revive and cause herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is characterized by red spots typical of chicken pox that extends in certain body parts. Generally, herpes zoster infects people over the age of 50 years.

2. Respiratory complications.

The chicken pox disease that is left inflamed without proper treatment, can cause viral pneumonia. This is because the smallpox virus can enter the bloodstream and then infect the lungs. Viral pneumonia is the leading cause of death in adults associated with chickenpox complications.

3. Bacterial infections.

Chickenpox that is not completely cured can cause aftershock bacterial infection. These secondary infections are usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. Both are the types of bacteria that can cause impetigo or cellulitis.

Both of these bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. But there is still a risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream, thus causing a condition called Bakterimia. Bacteremia can cause pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, and death.

4. Complications of the nervous system.

More serious chicken pox complications can cause Ataxia. Ataxia invades the brain’s nervous system causing fever, difficulty walking, and speech impairment. Symptoms can last for weeks, but usually will heal by itself.

5. Liver complications.

Other complications of chickenpox disease that are completely treated are liver inflammation or hepatitis. This condition usually does not cause symptoms and will improve on its own. However, in some cases complications can lead to Reye’s syndrome. This condition is potentially life-threatening, especially given aspirin during virus infections. For that, avoid giving aspirin to chicken pox.

Other complications that can occur in patients Chickenpox who do not get handled properly and thoroughly, is Varicella meningoencephallitis. This condition can cause a sudden decrease in vigilance, headache, seizures, light sensitivity, and neck pain. This condition tends to affect people whose immune systems are disrupted, including people infected with HIV.

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