Exit This Sound from the Body? Beware of Health Problems

Have we noticed if the body makes a certain sound? Some of them do not need to worry about, but you need to be vigilant if accompanied by other sensations because the possibility is a sign of a problem in the body

Health expert, Dr. Natalie Azam advises us to be wary of sounds coming out of several body parts as follows:

Belching is a sign of air release from the abdomen that actually happens. However, it would be nice if you do not underestimate the burp that is accompanied by a burning sensation, as this may indicate an inflammation of the stomach triggered by a bacterial infection that triggers a peptic ulcer problem.

A rumbling stomach
The roar that seems to come from inside the stomach is the sound of air and fluid that is moved by the muscles through the digestive tract. If the stomach rumbles when the stomach is empty, it means your digestion is sweeping away the leftovers.

However, if you also feel severe pain, cramps, or shortness of breath along with the rumbling of the stomach, or if you find blood in the dirt, then you should see a doctor to check.

Although this is a face, there are some cases of hiccups that are quite severe and can not be underestimated. Health experts say that if the hiccups last more than 48 hours, then this may indicate a nerve disorder.

Sounds creaking in the joints
Pressure in the joints can indeed make the gas arise in the joints and cause crunching sounds. Only, if this sound is also accompanied by pain, then you should immediately see a doctor.

Ringing ears
The condition of the ringing ears in the medical world is called tinnitus. Although this is normal, but if this condition occurs orange more than 2 days and accompanied by pain or vertigo that makes the head feel very dizzy, then there could be damage or abnormalities in the ear that should be immediately checked to the doctor.

Well, that’s a few sounds coming out of the body that need to be watched. Immediately consult a doctor if you feel any abnormalities in your body. May be useful.

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