Is Safe Toddlers Who Like to Eat Spicy Food?

Most toddlers, including ‘adventurers’ who love to feel the diverse flavors of food. They will explore all types of food for them to taste, including foods that have a spicy taste. In fact, there are some of them who love it. This is only natural, because the food makes the food more flavorful, and increase appetite.

However, doubts may be experienced by parents. Is spicy food safe for the baby? Then should be how spicy food for your baby?

Actually, it is the thing that parents should do to give children spicy food (not too much, in very little amount) to introduce it to foods with spicy flavor. There is no standard rule when your child is safe to eat spicy food. However, at the safest age is when they are 2 years old. This is because at that age, the small digestive system is well developed so that the digestive system is quite ready to digest various types of foods, including spicy foods.

When spicy feeding should also not be of origin, spicy food must be considered in quality, quantity, frequency and how the reaction of the child. Avoid spicy feeding more bering for the little one, give a very small portion first and not to give it a very spicy food to make their mouth red.

Smaller reactions will also vary after eating spicy foods. If then they show a reaction to dislike and become more fussy, you do not need to force. However, if the little one shows a sense of love, limit the amount so that he does not consume it excessively. Because this can make it depend on the spicy later on, and cause irritation in the digestive tract. Starting from diarrhea to mag which of course can be annoying.

Spicy foods for the baby should also be made with spices. In addition it will lbih good if the food consumed also contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fat.

Children at the age of toddlers may eat spicy foods, as long as you as a parent do not miss the quality, quantity, and frequency of giving.

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