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Benefits of Wine For Face Skin Health

In the world of health, alcoholic beverages should not be consumed regularly and become a habit because it brings a bad impact to health. But a little different from wine, or a drink of red wine that turned out to have health benefits precisely for facial skin health! This red wine has tremendous benefits when applied to your facial skin.

The benefits of red grass have been proven to help overcome the skin problems on the face and make the face more smooth, beautiful and luminous

As in the article that has been launched Boldsky, here are some Benefits Wine For Face Skin Health that you should not miss. Anything? Here it is.

1. Make your skin more radiant.

Wine has a number of antioxidants that can help make the skin more radiant. This is why facials with wine are quite popular these days.

2. Prevent aging!

This one red wine drink also can help restore skin elasticity and collagen. And that certainly can prevent all the early signs of aging on your facial skin. Remarkable right?

3. Powerful overcome acne.

Red wine or wine also has anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory) that help prevent the occurrence of acne and treat acne on your facial skin.

4. Decrease the pores.

You who have a large porous facial skin can use red wine to shrink the size of the pores you know. The trick is simply by mixing a few drops of red wine with water and then apply on your face with a cotton ball.

5. Eliminates dead skin cells.

You can make a scrub of red wine and mix it with the crushed grape skin. It will be a really gentle scrub for the face and can get rid of dead skin cells, and can make your facial skin smoother.

The Benefits of Music Therapy For Autistic Children

Previously ever discussed about the proper way of therapy for children with autism. And one therapy for children with autism is music therapy. This time will discuss about the benefits of musiak therapy for children with autism. Music equipment can be an intermediary in building relationships between autistic children and others. Because autistic children think that the instrument as a fun medium, because the shape and sound.

The Benefits of Music Therapy For Autistic Children
Improve the development of children’s social emotions

Benefits of music therapy for children with autism is to improve the development of social emotions of children. When starting a relationship, the autistic child physically ignores or rejects the social contact offered by others. And music therapy can help stop this withdrawal by building relationships with objects, in this case musical instruments.

Encourage emotional fulfillment

Most autistic children are less able to respond to a strain that should be able to help them feel the right emotions. But because autistic children can respond to music well, then music therapy can help children by providing a fear-free environment.

More open

Children with autism respond more well to a sound that comes from music than verbal communication with others. Their high communication awareness can be built through the means of music that makes them aroused to communicate well to others.

Improve speech

In addition to improving the development of children’s social emotions, music therapy for autism can also improve speech skills, especially involving symbolization, conceptualization and understanding.

That’s the various benefits of music therapy for children with autism. If you have an autistic baby, try it for music therapy.

Type of Sports That Can Do Early Childhood

Just like other good habits, exercise is also a good habit to be formed as early as possible. Therefore, parents should invite young children to exercise. But the sport of early childhood with older children is different. So parents should know what sports can be done by early childhood.

Type of Sports That Can Do Early Childhood
Run and walk

Sports that can be done by early childhood is running and walking. You can invite your child to walk around the house complex or to a park suitable for children to move freely.


In addition to walking and running, exercise can be done early childhood is jumping. This sport can strengthen the muscles and also the joints of children. You can invite your child to play jump rope.


Hanging is one sport that can be done early childhood. This sport is useful to train the grip of the child’s hand muscles. But do not hang in the arbitrary, of course, must be flanged in place that has a handle.


Cycling is not only done by adults only, but also can be done by early childhood. The benefits of cycling for early childhood is to train the strength of the child’s legs, train the heart muscle, and train the balance of the body.


In addition to cycling, it was also possible to swim by anyone, including early childhood. Train your child to swim from an early age. Because with swimming children are trained how to regulate stamina and breathing. Even swimming is also used to be a healing medium for asthma in children.

Playing soccer

If you have a son, then teach him to play the ball from an early age. Because this sport is useful to train cardiovascular endurance, mengontron weight, train the balance of the body, train muscle strength and many more benefits.


Do you have a daughter? teach him to dance from an early age. Or put your child into a dance studio. Because the benefits of dancing can menajdikan children’s body continues to move actively and his body will be more flexible.

That is the choice of exercise that can be done by early childhood. Once you know what sports can be done by early childhood, and if you have early childhood then train and invite him to exercise.

5 Benefits If You Eat Durian

Most of the people of Indonesia love this one fruit. Durian, the fruit is touted as a unique fruit with a distinctive aroma and sting with a sharp skin, it not only excels in the taste is so good, but there are health benefits through the content of minerals and vitamins contained in it.

Reported by Organicfacts page, here are other benefits that can be obtained from consuming Durian fruit, including:

Overcome sleep disorders or insomnia.
Durian has the content of tryptophan, one of the amino acids that give a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and drowsiness. Therefore, if for those of you who suffer from Insomnia and want to improve the quality of sleep, you can eat a few pieces of Durian before bed can be an option.

Durian has high Fiber content.
The amount of fiber content in Durian makes it good for digestion. In one small Durian fruit that is 0.6 kg contains enough fiber to meet 90% of adult fiber needs in a day. Fiber is a nutrient that stimulates peristaltic movement and secretion of digestive juices. That way, you can avoid flatulence, heartburn, cramps, and other digestive disorders. Fiber in Durian also helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood by removing LDL cholesterol from the body. It is useful to prevent damage to the cardiovascular system in the form of plaque.

Contains high fat.
Durian contains high fat, and contribute to the calories are also high. But do not worry, because although high in fat, Durian fruit does not contain cholesterol. Fat content is a good unsaturated fat for the body.

Meet the caloric needs of the body.
In one seed Durian has a content of 54 calories, so 1 kg of durian can reach 1350 calories. For adults who need 1500-2000 calories per day can consume 1 kg Durian actually meets 60-90% of daily caloric needs.

Reduces blood pressure.
Durian is also a source of food rich in potassium. Eating foods with high Potassium in them can help smooth blood vessels, reduce pressure on the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (narrowing and thickening of the arteries due to plaque buildup in artery walls), strokes, to heart attacks.


Correspondent Maria Konnikova won typically the PCA National, a major poker championship poker uang asli bonus deposit ayamjuve, Wednesday after setting out to spend a single year studying the game.

Trained as a psychologist (she has a Ph. D. ), Konnikova made it her mission to become a poker champion in just one year. The idea was that she would document her experiences for her third nonfiction book about the world of poker. After immersing herself in the game and studying with Erik Seidel, a professional poker player who went on to compete against her in the Bahamas, she’d have enough material to write her book.

According to PokerStars, Konnikova came to the topic after a particularly rough year, in which bad luck struck her family. That got her thinking.

“I was interested in the question of skill vs. chance in life, ” Konnikova said in a video interview with Poker News last May. “How do we use the poker table to make better decisions in everyday life? ”

“I’ve learned, first regarding all, that poker is surely an even better metaphor regarding life than I considered, ” she continued. “I mean, You’re sitting from the table, you’re studying people, you’re dealing together with all kinds of situations. You have got to deal with items that we have to package with in our everyday lives, like controlling our emotions, being bullied…. I’m a woman, and that’s rare in the poker world, and playing while female is different than playing while male. ” Konnikova has previously spoken to Newsweek about the particular difficulties and insults that women who play poker face at the table.

As for the aspects of human psychology that were most important for Konnikova’s success, she told Poker News that paying attention topped the list. She mentioned seeing players look at their phones between hands, or get up from the table when they weren’t actively playing. Moves like that cause players to lose out on crucial information.

“Learning to focus and really pay attention is, I think, the single most crucial thing that could make you great at holdem poker and good at lifestyle. ”

And, as Konnikova emphasized in the leadup with her book, that emphasis has helped her obtain an amazing degree of accomplishment at a game the lady started playing not more than a yr ago, and helped the woman answer the question the woman project asks.

“I’m an overall total poker outsider. I found this as someone who’d never had any experience of the game. And it may be type of a test regarding psychology versus a a lot more mathematical approach. Does the background give me any sort of an edge? Can We actually use psychology in order to become competitive? ”

Therefore far, it seems, therefore good.

Is it Really Drinking Milk Can Clean Lungs?

We recognize the benefits of drinking milk as one way to strengthen bones, as well as meet the calcium needs the body needs, especially children in its infancy.

But in addition, there are assumptions that circulate in the community if consuming milk can make the lungs and respiratory tract more healthy and clean. In the belief is believed if after drinking milk, it will make mucus in the respiratory tract that helps clean it by mechanism as we cough sick. Is that true?

This is confirmed by health experts who say if the milk is included in a good drink to be consumed on a regular basis, due to the benefits and nutrients that we can get from this drink. As one example is milk rich in calcium content is good for healthy bones and teeth. However, for the assumption that milk can clean the lungs or respiratory tract, this is not true.

If we really want to maintain the health of the respiratory tract and lungs, the right and proper way is to avoid cigarette smoke which means it should not be an active smoker or passive smoker.

From what we know, cigarette smoke is bad for health not only for the lungs, but also the heart, kidneys, brain, and other important organs. In addition, it’s good we also as well as possible to prevent bad exposure from air pollution is quite a lot if we are out of the house. Another way that we can do to maintain the health of the lungs and respiratory organs is to start exercising regularly and applying a healthy lifestyle.

Until now there has been no research that supports the fact that by drinking milk will make the lungs become cleaner. It just does not mean then we are lazy to drink milk. This drink can provide many benefits for our body health.

Bad Habits That Can Damage Kidney Health

Kidney becomes one of the important organs of the body that has the function to filter the blood and toxins that exist in the body. The kidneys can produce several types of hormones that will help you to absorb some important types of minerals. Without it, your body’s health must be disturbed. Therefore, you should be aware of some habits that can interfere with kidney health. And here are some bad habits that can damage the kidney health and you should leave immediately.

The kidneys have to work extra hard to filter out toxins in alcoholic beverages. Therefore, when this habit is done continuously, then your kidneys can be damaged.

Cigarettes can affect the health of blood vessels and disrupt blood circulation to various important organs of the body.

The results of a recent study concluded that soda will make your urine contains proteins that destroy the kidney health.

Stress in the bladder
Stress in the bladder usually occurs when you often delay urination. This stress will also provide unhealthy pressure on the kidneys. Therefore do not delay your desire to urinate.

Drink less
Drinking water is important to remove toxins from the body. Because when toxins accumulate in the blood, it will hurt the kidneys.

Rarely exercise
People who lack exercise can affect kidney health. This is because when you rarely exercise, the body’s organs are not well regenerated and make weight increase which eventually can damage the kidney health.

Lack of sleep
When sleeping, then the body organs also rest well. So imagine if you lack of sleep, then the kidneys will work continuously and eventually its ability decreases.

Vitamin deficiency
Lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B6 will increase the risk of kidney stone formation. So make sure you eat nutritious food every day for kidney and body health as a whole.

Eat lots of salt
The high amount of sodium in the blood can interfere with your kidney health. Therefore, cut salt consumption through the consumption of healthy foods.

Caffeine excess
Caffeine is good for the health of the body. But too much caffeine is also capable of damaging the kidneys. Because caffeine will affect blood pressure that directly affects the health of your kidneys.

Drink certain medicines
Some types of certain drugs can affect kidney health. Because the kidneys have to fight hard to filter the chemicals in it.

Eating excessive protein
Protein is important for the formation of organs. But if too much then it must make the kidneys work hard to digest it and if undigested it will lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Well, so that’s some bad habits you should leave from now on to keep the kidneys healthy and functioning in accordance with its usefulness.

Kinds of Complications If Smallpox Not Soon Treated

People say if the disease Smallpox, is a disease that can happen to anyone, and the unique of this disease is the belief of the community who mentions if everyone would have experienced smallpox at least once in his life.

Smallpox is also called a contagious disease. How not, the spread is very fast and easy. Chickenpox can have a serious impact if it occurs in infants, children and adults who have not been vaccinated, as well as people who have a low immune system. Therefore, smallpox should not only be regarded as a mild disease.

However the handling of smallpox should still be done. Therefore, if smallpox does not get immediate treatment, the impact will be more dangerous. Smallpox can ultimately lead to several complications including:

1. Herpes zoster.

Both chickenpox and herpes zoster, both caused by the same virus, namely Varicella zoster. Once a person is infected with chicken pox, the virus is not completely knocked out of the body. In contrast, varicella will “fall asleep” in the body for years. If in the future your body’s immune decreases again, the chickenpox virus that was previously dead is likely to revive and cause herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is characterized by red spots typical of chicken pox that extends in certain body parts. Generally, herpes zoster infects people over the age of 50 years.

2. Respiratory complications.

The chicken pox disease that is left inflamed without proper treatment, can cause viral pneumonia. This is because the smallpox virus can enter the bloodstream and then infect the lungs. Viral pneumonia is the leading cause of death in adults associated with chickenpox complications.

3. Bacterial infections.

Chickenpox that is not completely cured can cause aftershock bacterial infection. These secondary infections are usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria. Both are the types of bacteria that can cause impetigo or cellulitis.

Both of these bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. But there is still a risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream, thus causing a condition called Bakterimia. Bacteremia can cause pneumonia, meningitis, arthritis, and death.

4. Complications of the nervous system.

More serious chicken pox complications can cause Ataxia. Ataxia invades the brain’s nervous system causing fever, difficulty walking, and speech impairment. Symptoms can last for weeks, but usually will heal by itself.

5. Liver complications.

Other complications of chickenpox disease that are completely treated are liver inflammation or hepatitis. This condition usually does not cause symptoms and will improve on its own. However, in some cases complications can lead to Reye’s syndrome. This condition is potentially life-threatening, especially given aspirin during virus infections. For that, avoid giving aspirin to chicken pox.

Other complications that can occur in patients Chickenpox who do not get handled properly and thoroughly, is Varicella meningoencephallitis. This condition can cause a sudden decrease in vigilance, headache, seizures, light sensitivity, and neck pain. This condition tends to affect people whose immune systems are disrupted, including people infected with HIV.

Exit This Sound from the Body? Beware of Health Problems

Have we noticed if the body makes a certain sound? Some of them do not need to worry about, but you need to be vigilant if accompanied by other sensations because the possibility is a sign of a problem in the body

Health expert, Dr. Natalie Azam advises us to be wary of sounds coming out of several body parts as follows:

Belching is a sign of air release from the abdomen that actually happens. However, it would be nice if you do not underestimate the burp that is accompanied by a burning sensation, as this may indicate an inflammation of the stomach triggered by a bacterial infection that triggers a peptic ulcer problem.

A rumbling stomach
The roar that seems to come from inside the stomach is the sound of air and fluid that is moved by the muscles through the digestive tract. If the stomach rumbles when the stomach is empty, it means your digestion is sweeping away the leftovers.

However, if you also feel severe pain, cramps, or shortness of breath along with the rumbling of the stomach, or if you find blood in the dirt, then you should see a doctor to check.

Although this is a face, there are some cases of hiccups that are quite severe and can not be underestimated. Health experts say that if the hiccups last more than 48 hours, then this may indicate a nerve disorder.

Sounds creaking in the joints
Pressure in the joints can indeed make the gas arise in the joints and cause crunching sounds. Only, if this sound is also accompanied by pain, then you should immediately see a doctor.

Ringing ears
The condition of the ringing ears in the medical world is called tinnitus. Although this is normal, but if this condition occurs orange more than 2 days and accompanied by pain or vertigo that makes the head feel very dizzy, then there could be damage or abnormalities in the ear that should be immediately checked to the doctor.

Well, that’s a few sounds coming out of the body that need to be watched. Immediately consult a doctor if you feel any abnormalities in your body. May be useful.

Sports To Burn Calories

If you are in a weight loss program, and need the type of exercise that will burn more calories would definitely be the running sport of choice. However, there are several other types of sports that actually have more benefits in burning calories, rather than exercising a run.

– Cycling.

Cycling helps burn many calories within 1 hour. With cycling is also useful to form the leg muscles, thighs, and knees.

– Bike Sprints.

Bike sprints done within 1 minute, able to burn dozens of calories. So you can imagine if you do it in more time, then of course hundreds of calories successfully burned.

– Cross-Fit.

Cross-Fit is a very intense kind of sport. Not only concentrate on muscle, but by doing cross-fit also be the best exercise to lose weight.

– Burpees.

Did you know if doing burpees for 1 minute can burn calories as much as 14 calories? So it is not surprising that the burpees are considered as the best sport to burn fat that can be done alone at home.

– Kettle Bell.

Kettle Bell is the type of exercise it will burn about 20 calories per minute. And because Kettle Bell can burn many calories in a short time, then you do not have to spend much time doing it.

– Cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing is a fat-burning sport that is more effective than running.

– Indoor rowing.

Indoor rowing helps to burn about 375 calories in half an hour. Indoor rowing also helps in tightening the arm muscles and shoulder muscles.

– Battling ropes.

Battling ropes include a type of exercise that can improve the oxygen supply in the body and burn more calories at the same time.

– Jump squats.

By doing jump squats for less than half a minute can burn 14 calories. So if you are tired of doing burpees, you can do other sports variations with jump squats.

– Jumping rope.

If done intense, jumping ropes have a dramatic impact on your body that is a significant weight loss.

Thus Various Sports To Burn Calories, may be useful. Regards!